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Feb 16, 2013 10:00pm PST
bombs. >> if this amount of energy had been detonated at ground level, instead of ten miles up, it would have probably leveled a -- every single building in an area the size of chicago. >> reporter: local officials say the explosion injured more than 1,000 people and caused about $33 million in damage. cameras captured the meteor in the sky over russia. now crews are trying to find fragments in a lake about 50 miles from the town. scientists say an event of this magnitude happens about once every hundred years but they say it's not uncommon for meteors to impact the planet more often. >> we are hit by about 100 tons of space debris every day. >> reporter: the explosion in russia and an asteroid that just missed earth has people looking up. late friday, some in the san francisco bay area reported seeing a fireball streaking through the sky. experts say it was likely another meteor. but the three events are unrelated. tatiana anderson for cbs news. >>> for thousands of passengers aboard carnival triumph it was a giant relief when the disabled ship finally pulled into an alabama port thursd
Feb 17, 2013 8:30am PST
the energy of the quake. they may get damaged but the adjoining bridge segments should survive. >> it is first time anyone in the world has used this. >> reporter: it appears the bumpers and beams won't eliminate quake damage but the beams should be usable after a big one. >> you may not be going 70 miles per hour talking on your cell phone, but the bridge, you will be able to drive across it. that is the goal. >> reporter: don't forget, by the way, that the point of this -- you think it is a new bridge. it is not a new bridge. this whole thing is a seismic retro fit project. the point is not that all of these fancy new engineering things which really are quite brilliant means the bridge will survive a massive earthquake unscathed, it will be damaged but the measure is after a significant earthquake you would be able to still drive across it, even if you are only driving at 15 miles per hour. that is the standard of success. it will get damage but it should stand. >> the interesting thing i find in all of our retro fit stories, whether it is this or any other, it depend
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2